How to import references from pdf full text

If I have a full text review in pdf format, and I have to refer to an used reference by this author of the review. 

Is there a possibility to import all the used references from this review. Or copy/paste and import in Endnote to have it’s references?

It would be faster to copy and paste each reference from the pdf into an EndNote record.

It might be possible to import the references if the data is restructured in a format where each field (e.g., author name, year, title, etc.) is tagged so the information can be placed in the corresponding EndNote fields. It can be done but takes time to do so (e.g, copying the information into an Excel spreadsheet, where each column represents a single EndNote field).

Or using a proprietary database.  I know Scopus and probably Web of Science have a way to select and export cited references of a record in their databases.