Importing references from PDFs

Hello there,
I am currently doing some work which involves me importing references to EndnoteWeb from a variety of articles. I am very new to using Endnote, and was wondering if anybody had any tips for doing this in a quick and easy way?



Hi Neil,

EndNote X4, which is the latest version of EndNote for Windows, has this capability.  You can go to File > Import and import from any properly-formatted PDF file (though it’s important to note that not everyone that creates PDFs knows how to format them properly, and older PDFs may not include the necessary information, so this isn’t foolproof).

With earlier versions of EndNote, or EndNote Web, there isn’t a simple way to import PDF files – you’ll have to either copy and paste the data from the PDF into your records, or acquire the records by importing from somewhere else, for example from PubMed or the Library of Congress.