How to export/import the rating field from endnote X7 to any format

I would like to be able to export/import all the fields of each reference and especially rating field (the one with stars). how can I do that? Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, the Endnote developers did not make the ratings field available for exporting/importing. (You might submit this as a product suggestio.) As a workaround, you could:

1.  Create  5 smart groups  to automatically segregate  and categorize your references  based on  the ratings  (e.g.,  one star, 2 stars,  3 stars,  4 stars, 5 stars);

2.   Create a custom field  (“Ratings”)  across  your reference types  meant to  hold   a numerical number corresponding to the number of  rating  “stars”;

 3. a. Then select  all of the references  within  a group.  (For example,  all of the references  having a one star  rating.)  

      b. Next, use Endnote’s Change/Move/ Copy  feature  to put a  number  in the custom  Ratings field  representing  the number of stars  (e.g., “1”).  

       c.  Repeat   steps a and b for the remaining  groups.

4.   Now you can export the Ratings custom field  by 1st modifying  the Tab Delimited  output style  to include  the field, then proceed  to export the references.