Disable "rating" in reference window

Please make it possible to remove the “rating” row at the top of the reference window in X6. As an intensive Endnote user, I have customized the many reference types I use, but now find that I have this unnecessary feature imposed at the very top of the reference window. It is immensely irritating: if it must be retained, please allow the option of shifting it to the very bottom of the reference window. This is one new feature that has me considering going back to X5.


Has this been fixed? It bugs the heck out of me.

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It is very simple to remove the ratings from the library display in the Endnote>Edit>preferences, display field options.  You can change it to another field, or [do not display] options, which will move all the subsequent fields up and leave you the last field to fill with something else, after you save the change. 


This doesn’t remove it from the reference window (where you enter the details for a reference).


True, and it doesn’t seem to be a part of the reference type either, so can’t change it in preferences either I guess.  I rarely enter records, manually, so I never noticed that.  Sorry. But when you create a new record, the cursor at least starts out in the Author field and not the rating field (both in a new record and in an established record).

How many other users have a problem with the rating option at the top of an open record.  Vote here!


I will probably become accustomed to starting entry at the correct line (the title is usually what I enter first, so at the moment it often happens that I accidentally enter the title in the “Year” field, and then have to move it). But I have removed many of the fields in the reference types I use so that most of the information for a reference can be displayed in a single window without the need for scrolling. This will be especially a problem with my 10" screen netbook I use when travelling. So for me the “Rating” row is dead space I would like to be able to turn off.

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I agree, the new “rating” row is very irratating, a waste of space, and completely useless. I’d like to turn it off too. “Rating” articles is completely meaningless for a citation management program like EndNote. It’s almost childish - especially for those who of us who are using EndNote to maintain serious research. Can you imagine submitting an article to a peer-reviewed journal with references based upon which citations we personally “like” the best? Again, this is stupid and childish. It needs to be removed or, at the very least, give us the opportunity to get rid of it.


Thank you for the feedback. Keep in mind while this feature may not be useful for you, other users of the software have previously requested an option to be able rate EndNote library records as an organizational aid. See the following for some examples:




However, some feedback on an option to be able to remove the Ratings field in the Record view would be very helpful.

Thank you,

Jason Berman
Technical Sup Rep RS

Thomson Reuters

Phone: +1 800-336-4474

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I understand that some users might find it useful, but a major change to the reference window should be optional, not imposed at its head. I use the “User Defined” fields for a number of non-standard entries or to mark references I want to use in a particular context; an i-pod-style star rating scheme at the top of my references, on the other hand, is just irritating. If you must retain “Rating”, please make it an optional field, or move it to the bottom of the window. Thanks.


Chiming in to agree–give me the option to get rid of this feature which is useless to me. It often seems like the developers of EndNote don’t actually use this tool with the strange features which are added (reminds me of the ill considered integrated library and online search mode).

Please issue a fix for this…

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One further related gripe, the stupid rating field doesn’t even disappear when “hide empty fields”??? Please issue a fix for this poorly designed feature


I totally agree with removing this irritating feature. Sure, some users like this function; however, please at least provide an option to turn it off.

Honestly, X6 is a big disappointment. It is much slower than X5 and many new features are not practical at all. The worst point is a lot of functions cannot be cusmized, like PDF reader, rating etc.

I have been using EndNote for over 6 years and X6 is the most disppointed upadte for me. I already switched back to X5. Hopeully there will be some new imporvment in the X6 updates. 


Have to agree with all comments above. The rating field is totally useless for me. Most of the fields should be optional and it should be the user who decides on what is necessary for his/her use.

I hope with the next version this will be removed or at least have the possibility to move it or turn it off.


>Vote here!



Add my voice to the dissenters on this one: I can’t possibly imagine why I would want to rate references.  Please allow us the option to turn off this annoying and intrusive feature.  Thanks!


Please give the option to disable and not view this silly feature.


I too find the “rating” field in the Reference window of v6 to be highly irritating. I also agree with other users that it is unfortunate that EndNote would impose this as the top line without any option to disable. It’s one of those “what were they thinking?” details. Siskel and Ebert might be happy but serious scholarship is about research not ratings. The moderator offers the defense that “other users…have previously requested an option…” Fine, offer them the option but please don’t impose it on everyone else.


Dear Thomson Reuters,

If possible with immediate effect, please provide users an option to REMOVE/DISABLE/HIDE THE EXTREMELY ANNOYING “RATING” FIELD in EndNote X6 Reference Window.  If you can’t, please at least allow it to be shifted to the bottom of the Reference window list.  This field, like the PDF attachment fields and tabs, is downright annoying for people who wish to use reference software as reference software, and not as an annoyingly market-pandering software-fanboy melange of all that’s checklistable on sales brochures.

(Gripe: why the heck did you make the rating field a permanent item in poll position in the reference window?  Don’t you do comprehensive end-user analysis any more?  Are customers just “money” to you, or something slightly better?  It’s almost as if you’re after the feature checklist-driven set and, by this, that you have forgotten your real customers’ functional needs! /End Gripe)

I need to have the first field for other information so have returned to using procite. Those of us using this type of software for data from clinical studies, working on systematic reviews etc need to be able to manipulate the fields to suit our needs otherwise we end up going back to using Access or Excel.

I’m glad to find I’m not the only one who finds the Rating field annoying! I vote to enable suppression. And I have more complaints.

My company has been using EndNote for about 10 years. We use EndNote rather differently from the typical academic user. Our main corporate library has over 16,000 records, and we do not attach PDFs to EndNote. We have one person entering references into the master library, and use server scripts to create and distribute a copy of the library to each user when they log in every day.

We just upgraded from X2 to X6, and I’m very pleased with several new features—right-clicking for Author (year) format, hyperlinking between in-text citations and the reference list, and the “document library” group showing all references currently in an open document.

However, X6 is cluttered with new features that are not useful to us and quite distracting:

1          The “read/unread” feature, which displays references in bold until one opens the record, is visually distracting and very hard on the eyes. Do I really have to open up 16,000 existing references, some of which have been in our library FOREVER, just to unbold them? I discovered how to disable the feature, but not how to unbold all my references.

2          The library toolbar is cluttered with many buttons that my users will never use (particularly EndNote Web, which will not accommodate our large library), and the one button they DO use, Insert Citation, has become difficult to find. EndNote X2 had a button with a huge red arrow on it that you could see from across the room. I’d love the ability to customize that toolbar and remove some icons. And bring back the big red arrow, please!

3          I’m not all that impressed with Unfiled Groups, either; we’ve been using the Label field for years to connect references with their projects, and don’t really need any help there. We do have quite a few Smart Groups, and if I could remove Unfiled Groups, My Groups, and Find Full Text from the Groups pane I’d have room for more. Can the Groups pane be made more editable than it is?

Kay Hessemer

User in Seattle

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