How to export my library to webpage with links to PDF's


I would like to export my Endnote library (with my own publications) to a HTML file to be published on my website. The website will also have PDF’s of all my articles, and I would like to add to each reference a link to the PDF. I hope you understand what I mean. It would look like this:

van der Velde ET, Foeken H, Witteman TA, van EL, Schalij MJ. Integration of data from remote monitoring systems and programmers into the hospital electronic health record system based on international standards. Neth Heart J. 2012;20(2):66-70. PDF

Clicking on ‘PDF’ will then open the PDF file.

I have seen many examples of this, but the question is: can I do this with Endnote?

Kind regards, Enno van der Velde