Creating a direct export option -- how-to?

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The institution I work for maintains a small bibliographic database. We would like to either add to the database a “Direct EndNote Export” option, or, should it prove too complicated, a text file export option along with an EN import filter. Are there any good guides or how-to manuals that explain how to do this simply?


Endnote can already export and import some or all of a library.  You would want to File>export and use RefMan (RIS) Export style.  If it isn’t in your Output Style collection, you can download it by going to the Web style finder from the Endnote Help dropdown, and save that (it should open in Endnote and just “save as”) 

Then you can import it into another library.  Import with the Reference Manager import filter.  This will not include any attached PDFs though.

But you can also import one endnote library into another or you can compress all or part of an endnote library into an enlx file type (also from the file> dropdown) and open that in endnote and if you like,  import it into another endnote library. 

To set up a text file export, you would want to have your exported file created as a text file that is tagged in the RIS format. You can find the specifications for RIS here:

If youalso wish to set up a Direct Export option, please contact our Technical Support team directly – we can refer your case to the team that can work with you on setting up Direct Export from your webpage.

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