How to export only title, author name, and abstract


I imported article from Cochrane library to Endnote for a systematic review and want to export from Endnote to excel for title and abstract review. The problem is the references from Cochrane come with tons of keyword (like article type, complication article, etc), which is great for filter. However when I export the selected article from Endnote to excel as delimited format, each keyword fill in a row, and I can’t review abstract or title in that way. Is there any way I can export only author name, title, and abstract from Endnote to avoid this.

Thank you!

There’s a hard carriage return at the end of each keyword which causes each keyword to appear in a separate row in the Excel spreadsheet. Hard carriage returns also appear in other fields (e.g. Abstract, etc.) So recommended practice for exporting Endnote data is to replace the hard carriage returns with double slashes or other character. Refer to the knowledge base article for information on exporting Endnote data into Excel.

If you wish to export only certain Endnote fields you will need to modify the Endnote output style file so it targets only those particular fields. Which Endnote output style file are you using? The tab-delimited output style file?