Issue with Tab Delimited Formatting


I’m hoping someone here can help me.

I am having an issue with exported references in the Tab Delimited Format.  When I export the file in Tab Delimited and the copy and paste the file into excel, typically it will put each of the fields (author, title, journal, volume, issue, page number, abstract, language) into one cell across a row and then the next reference will go into the next row and so on.  I have recently been trying to export the keywords as well, I edited the tab delimited style to include the keywords and put them right after the abstract.  When I did this for some reason all of the keywords get put into separate rows.

Can anyone help?



The carriage returns in the Endnote records are treated like a “hard return” or “enter” which causes the exported data to appear in Excel in separate rows instead of appearing in the same cell/column. To prepare the problematic Endnote fields you will need to remove the carriage returns.

The carriage returns can be removed by first making a backup library for safekeeping then using Endnote’s Find and Replace function to find the carriage returns and replace them with a delimiter (like a double-slash-mark or some other marker which will make it easy to locate where to reinsert the carriage returns upon completion). (Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit >Find and Replace.)

BTW, you don’t need to copy and paste into Excel. You can open the tab delimited file in Excel and you can use the “Wizard” to specify the delimiters in order to set the data within the columns.  

Thank you so much, you have just saved me hours of work in the future.