How to fill empty fields of a reference

Hi, i want to take all of my books of my lirbary and bring them into an endnote-library. Is there a possibility to enter the isbn an then let endnote search and fill the empty fields automatically?

Would be very helpful

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I recommend that you retrieve the records in their entirety by using  the connect feature to a library database.  Library of Congress is one you could use, and is free.  I suspect you could search the isbn field to find your records. 

Thanks for your hint. I tried it & of  course this works

But it would be a very helpful feature, if i could enter   the isbn or issn and retrieve the ohter informations parallel from different  libraries. I have a lot of books in german and english language and no single library has all the books i want ot enter.

This sounds like just the thing to put in the suggestions forum.  Similar requests are there, requesting that one could update or fill specific fields (DOI,  PMCID, etc) in records already present in a library.  Since different databases are structured so differently, and each requires a different connect file (if the z39.50 protocol is applicable) and filters or automatic importing from the publishers site, I suspect developers would still need to implement this as  a database by database specific function.  

This is an excellent suggestion, and I hope the developers at Endnote can offer some support here. I currently have a large database with over 3000 entries, several of which lack DOI and/or PMCID information. It would be great if I could simply have these entries updated without changing my library. This has been suggested in at least one other forum.

I am more than happy to beta test any developments that attempt to follow up on these suggestions. Thanks.

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