Can you set template fields to have some data automatically filled in for new entries?

I’m building a reference database where a field will have the same datum for every entry.  For example, the name of the journal, or the database provider.  I’m entering over a hundred references with the same information in these fields.  Is there a way to set the template to have that data filled in on new entries?

There is no auto-populate function, but you can use the Change and Move Fields option from the Tools menu to add text to a field in multiple records. Simply select the records in the library and then use the Change and Move Text command from the Tools menu in EndNote. Select the appropriate field and enter the text to be included before clicking OK.

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Well I can think of at least mechanisms. 

  1. As described by Jason, you can edit a set of records simultaneously.   I add the record number to my library display (edit in Edit> preferences)  and then sort (click again to reverse the sort so the newest record number are at the top) select those you added, and show just those references before the Move Change command. 
  2. If you manually entering the information you and also make a “record as a template” with just the fields that will be exactly the same and the rest blank. then copy that record (ctrl C) and paste it into the library (ctrl V).  Now open it and add the rest of your textual items.  ctrl V again and you have another new blank partially completed record.  
  3. If you are downloading from a specific database, I would think you  should be able to have the appropriate field filled automatically via editing the connection or filter file.  I am not an expert at that, but Tech support or another user here might be able to help?