How to force separator to be plain text following superscript citation?

I am writing a report, for which I was using APA 7th referencing, however with the need to cite many references at once, I switched to AIP.  The problem arose that this doesn’t allow for page references when I refer to my reference books of thousands of pages.

Although there is likely another style that addresses this problem efficiently, I just made a copy of the style and appended my own page numbers, as shown in the screenshot.  The problem with this, though, is that when using the ‘Author (Year)’ template, this results in a superscript separator (which also occurs when using the AIP style), which just looks absurd and even worse than not having a separator at all.  I appended a plain-text space, however this really triggers me when I see it and it just looks distracting.

Anyway, I see no solution to this so I am hoping someone can clue me in as there really ought to be for a seasoned program specifically designed to handle these tasks (although seeing as endnote has yet to support regex I would not be that surprised if there is no solution).

I have also been having trouble with the hyphenated style for consecutive references: it appears as though the involvement of the page numbers results in failure to hyphenate consecutive references without page-numbers; i.e. for consecutive citations, one of which has specified pages, it would be ideal for endnote simply to treat said reference as if it were a nonconsecutive citation.

I do not know how to export the style in .ens format, so I have just attached the screengrab.

I don’t see the screen grab and so am not exactly sure what you are seeing, or what you expect to see.  How are you adding cited pages?      

You have switched to AIP because you need to cite many references at once?  Why is that a problem with APA?  You will need to use the output style dictated by the publisher where you plan to publish?  

It’s been a while, but I still have the same problem.

I am currently an undergraduate, so it really isn’t a big deal.  There isn’t even a listed preference for citation styles, but I use AIP for physics reports just because it’s most convenient, and is least obstructive (something like APA can really hinder the readability of reports that require references every sentence).

Sometimes, though, it is useful to include lists of authors, so that it is easier for the reader to understand which references it is I am referring to (for instance, when it is assumed that certain papers have been read, and they contain specific ideas that can then be referred to without need of additional external reading).

I think this might have to do with my modifications to the templates: have just incorporated square brackets around the citation number, and I just realized that endnote typically has quite rigid mechanisms in place for correcting these little glitches.  For instance, when citing one paper, this will happen: “Einstein ^([1])”, which is fine.  But then when I try using two papers, this happens: “Einstein ^([1],) Planck ^([2])”; that is, the comma is included in superscript, and looks really odd.  Of course, what I want is this: "Einstein ^([1]), Planck ^([2]).  It would also be nice to be able to include an “and” before the last citation, as would happen with the last author in an individual citation.