How to get hyperlinked DOIs?

Hi everyone,

I need to have the DOIs of my references show up in the bibliography and have them active as hyperlinks in Word as in

P. G. Kwiat, et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 75 , 4337 (1995), DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.75.4337

where the underlined part links to (http: stupid forum sofware gets a hiccup at any html) . This is so that if this is saved as html or pdf, the link is simply clickable.

I have tried in vain to modify an EndNote output style to do this for me. In my frustration I wrote a VBA macro that does it after EndNote has inserted its bibliography, but this is not ideal. If there is an official way of doing this please let me know.



I second this…

I use APA 6.0 style for my Dissertation work…and two annoying issues when the system autopopulated the reference section of my documents…

  1. space between DOI and ##### always injected (there is not supposed to be a space)

  2. no way to auto put in "Retrieved from " and the URL of the actual home page of the reference journal



Hi Gregor,

I have done this with Word and X7 by modifying the Output Style to add the following text immediately before the DOI field in the relevant Reference Type :


Due to the restrictions on the post I have had to replace a : with <colon> but hopefully the info is still clear enough. 

Then when the bibliography entry is created a full clickable DOI link is created and will look like this:



Then if you don’t like to having the full URL in your Bibliography you can select your entire Bibliography in your Word document and then use the  Search & Replace  feature in  Word  to delete the 


    text from the start of the clickable link.

This does not alter the hypertext link which has already been created, but just changes the text which is displayed, and you end up with the following in the reference in the Bibliography:


Hope this works for you.


Hi Alison,

sorry for not monitoring this in a long time and thanks for your suggestion, which is another workaround for something which should be basic functionality for any modern reference software.



I wonder if this topic can be revisted. The need to to global find and replace after the fact in MS Word to remove the extra DOI<space> is not a good solution. 

The endnote database citiation is of the format 

DOI: 10.1021/ja00049a083

where we need the output style to end up



https// 10.1021/ja00049a083

or worse 

https// DOI: 10.1021/ja00049a083

Is there an option is the output style format edtor to look for the string <space>DOI<space> and remove it from the output ?

There are few threads about this and none have the solution by the look.