URLs and DOI Fields Exported as Clickable Links ~ Possible?

Is there any way to export an EndNote subject bibliography whereby URLs and DOIs encoded https://
automatically become clickable links when the exported *.RTF file opens in Microsoft Word?
I’ve tried variations of appending the URL and DOI fields with:
^p OR ^v OR cr
however none of these special characters create a clickable hyperlink, ready to be followed when the *.RTF opens in Word.
My output style currently encloses the URLs and DOI’s in left opening and right closing angled brackets.
If this is the wrong way to go, then I can tweak my the output style.
Can this be done in EndNote or should I be looking to automate a solution in Microsoft Word?

I believe you need to figure out a way to get word to do it.

I found this- but haven’t tried it.

So the issue is that Word doesn’t convert URLs automatically to clickable in the middle of pasted text, only when you time a space or punctuation at the end of the link. You need to go through the document putting a space or comma on the end of each link, or get a utility to do this.
DOIs are a little different. If you are like me, some of your DOI are just the key, some have “doi” in front of them, some have the full https://. I’m not sure how EndNote handles this, but the discussion here How do I get the DOI to show up in the bibliography? might help.
In a bibliography, EndNote makes links clickable. I don’t know how it does this, I suspect it uses Word’s automatic conversion feature. So when I want to create a list of citations in Word, I paste the links to the citations from EndNote (Ctrl-C) into Word (Ctrl-V) and then tell Endnote to create a bibliography. THen I leave the links in the “main text” and don’t delete them even though they look silly, because that’s what creates the bibliography.

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