How to get started with EndNote Basic and Ref Managers


I have a free EndNote Basic account via my institution and I’m wanting to know how to best get started. 

I’ve watched the 'How to get started with EndNote in 5minutes’ video and made notes.

A fair bit of that video didn’t match the EndNote Basic interface, but I have managed to mostly work around those confusions.

I’m wondering what to look at next.  There are many videos available but I don’t know where to start or what is designed for the total beginner’s journey. It doesn’t seem obvious. 

I am new to using Ref Managers as well as to using EndNote, and so as well as the technical ‘know-how’ (e.g. click this, then do that), I would like to understand how people integrate this tool into their studies.  I once had a Mendeley account and did the basic training on how to use it but then never integrated it into my academic life.  I want to avoid that happening this time.

Thanks in advance