How to have unique numbers for each citation

I want to have a unique number for each citation I make, to achieve this, I create a new reference in my library for each citation. However, for some reason, EndNote interprets two reference entries, which being pretty much the same, nevertheless have unique record numbers, as duplicates. So when i cite it refers only to one of them (or at least treats them as if they were the same, which they are not, I want it to handle them as two separate references), and with the same number each time.

Citation template: [Bibliography Number]

Reference Layout:  [Bibliography Number]tab

How do I avoid this and have EndNote give a new number for each unique citation referring to a unique record number?

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This is in the  Formatting Preferences.


In Endnote, Go to the Edit menu, choose Preferences, and click on Formatting in the list of preferences. The Formatting preferences panel contains the following option:


Merge Duplicates in Bibliography


For your purposes you want to deselet this item.  Warning, this will now apply to any style you choose, unless you switch it back.  This is a very unusual requirement. 

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Thanks a lot for the help!

With that, I everything setup for my purposes.

I suppose I can be a bit unusual sometimes :smileyvery-happy: .