How do I assign unique endnote numbers for each reference

My sponsor requires that each of my endnote citations have its own unique number even if it is a repeated reference.

Tried unchecking the “Merge duplicates in bibliography” box under Edit, Preferences, Formatting with no luck.

I’m running EndNote X6 on Word 2010.

Help! There must be a solution…maybe in EndNote X7?

Thank you.

Sounds like they want you to use “endnotes” (aka footnotes but at the end of the manuscript)?  You insert those using the word processor and insert your citation into those… If this would solve your issue, here, another user created a script to convert citations into footnotes. 

Thanks Leanne,

Sounds like there is no capability in EndNote to assign unique numbers for each endnote reference.

If I have misunderstood your message please let me know.

Have a great day!

what about using the record number? Its assigned automatically to each new entry into an endnote library. Although the number depends on a specific database. You can use the corresponding field in the reference and the citation templates.

Your sponsor’s requirements are highly unusual in the publishing field, unless I am misunderstanding them.  – Can you provide the detailed instructions, so I can see what they are asking for (if not “endnotes”)?  The whole point of citations and reference lists are to minimize the repetition of the information.  (I am just another user, and not associated with TR or in anyway).