How to Import Unformatted Bibliography from Word into EndNote X7.

Hi all. I am new to EndNote. I am writing a paper. Prior to installing EndNote X7 recently (with all its updates), i had just collected many citations in a Word document. I am using MS Word for Mac 2011. 

After “days” of trying and watching online tutorials from EndNote and in YouTube, it didnt work, there was minimal stuff on it, and whatever there was, was too complicated. Finally after contacting EndNote’s Tech Support by email, i learnt about Wizfolio website, a 3rd party software to be able to do this. The Starter registration for Wizfolio is free. But importing via Wizfolio was NOT seamless, it got confused with a few citations at a time, not sure why. I was able to import 1 citation at a time, at least, laboriously. The whole process is/was extremely frustrating, almost to the point to give up EndNote and do it all manually or try another similar software. 

EndNote Tech Support then suggested i enter my comments in this forum. Thats the reason i am here now.

My feeling is that i would not be the only person with this problem. But i could not find a thread on this topic in this forum, unless i missed seeing it somehow - if i have, i offer my apologies. 

My strong suggestion to EndNote developers is to look into embedding this functionality into future versions of EndNote, for heavens sake. I wonder why this was overlooked in the first place. Thanks very much. 

A previous thread for other options/suggestions to try.  If they are science references,  (since John East’s link is a page fault) a more recent link to instructions are here:

I have never needed to resort to these techniques though.  I started with endnote sometime in the 80s.  

Greetings akighani,

Just wanted to confirm with you that your product enhancement request has been reported to our developers and we’ll keep you posted with any Development activity related to your suggestion.

Thank you Leanne and Jimmy M. Just a couple of further points of advice to anyone like me stuck with importing unformatted bibliography from Word into EndNote, by using to do this.

  1. Make sure the references are all formatted in this order: Title, author/s name/s, publication name, volume, etc. before copying/pasting in wizfolio.

  2. Make sure there is no space between the title.authors names, just like that! Any space there makes wizfolio go weird.

I managed to import all my 120 or so references from Word this way, 4-5 at a time from wizfolio in my new EndNote library, finally! Phew.

  1. Understand by importing via wizfolio there is a 20-40% chance of the PDFs pulled in by EndNote even if you don’t have embedded (integrated) university databases in EndNote. No chance for that to happen with Google Scholar. 

Good luck.