How to include all contents of ENL?

Assume that we have an ENL with, say, 50 records. How can we create a bibliography such that all 50 of the records are included (whether or not they are cited in the document)?

We thought to simply create a line in the document and include citations for each of the record and then to “white out” the line so that it can’t be seen. However, in thinking about that, we’re certain that that’s too much of a kludge. We’re figuring that given that this is a bib-managing tool, there is likely a way to do what we want without employing a kludge. Any ideas?

We are using EndNote X1 on windows xp.

Yep.  Have the correct style selected in Endnote’s toolbar and export the references to a new document and paste them where you want them.  It isn’t “CWYW” though. If you add another record to the library you will need to export them all again.