Working with a large book-length document and linked EndNote library

Hi everyone! I am editing a 400-page book in Word 2011 for Mac that is linked to a ridiculously large EndNote library (almost 5,000 items, but only about 900 are actually used in the document). The whole manuscript is in one document, and the creators of the book were inconsistent in formatting (general formatting, as well as charts, tables, figures, etc.), and as a result I am having lots of trouble working with the document. References are cited in numberical order (AMA format) throughout the book and there is one huge bibliography (900 references) at the end.

I think splitting the book it into sub-documents would make it easier to work with. Is there a way to do that while still maintaining the EndNote formatting and bibliography across multiple documents? If so, can someone explain how to do this or point me to a source that would be helpful?

Thanks so much!


Not easily done, even though you can tell endnote to start citations at a specific number, making the numbering sequential, if material cited in one section is recited in another, then numbering as each section would recite something again.  My suggestion would be to work with CWYW off on the sections, and when the whole thing is ready, combine the parts and then format the citations at the end.  

You could work with CWYW on, so you see citations as the numbers, but before you combine them, convert to unformatted citations (NOT TO PLAIN TEXT) - combine the sections and then update citations and bibliography.