How to italicise et al

Hi I am using End note X1, I want the abbreviated author list, et al., in italics in the in-text citations.  I am using Chicago 15th B.  I went to the Edit menu, selected out put styles and edit Chicago 15th B.  I then went to the author lists and clicked the little boxes that say italics but it wont let me save the changes? What is wrong? I tried just exiting so that it prompts me to save, i select yes but it just wont save.  if a use a save option from the file menu, that doesn’t work either.  Please help!

What operating system are you using?  If Vista (and probably 2010?), ensure your preferences for the styles folder location is not in the Program Folder location, which is write protected int these operating systems.  It is recommended that you create a folder in your “user” space (Endnote likes to make the default as  the endnote/styles folder in My Documents) and edit the preferences folder locations to that folder.  I believe if you specify a folder that doesn’t exist, Endnote will create it for you the first time you try to save a style.  Endnote looks in both the installed “styles” folder as well as the preferences defined folder to pull available styles and saves all edited styles to the preferences defined folder. Make sure you use a different name, or you will have two versions of a style and I am not sure how Endnote deals with that, and which one it displays.    

As a big aside, I understand that since X2.0.1, users can also tell endnote to use a different location for the “default” content files.  We are now trying this, so we can still keep an updated set of styles for our users, rather than having to replace those in their Program Folders as we identify errors or modifications in our style set.  Also, if someone asks for a style that others would need, we just drop it there for all users. 

Jason pointed out this section of the manual to me recently:

"Method 1: custom setting via command line. This method is applicable

to most  of our users, who install EndNote by launching the installer. To

install EndNote with custom content file folder setting, do:

For EXE: ENX2Inst.exe CFDIR="<path_to_content_folders>"

For MSI: msiexec.exe /I ENX2Inst.msi



Method 2: custom setting via transform. This method is for site system

administrators, who want the end user to install or deploy the

application without user interaction. All they have to do is to update the value

of “CFDIR” property in the Property table, save the transform, and

create the group policy object to deploy the installer with the transform." (These

transforms have been documented elsewhere - including manuals, I think -

using tools such as Orca.)


In all cases <path_to_content_folders> should be set to the parent path

of the content folders. For instance, if the Styles, Filters, and Connections

are located at D:\Shared\Content, then this should be used for CFDIR.

This technique can be used for any user who wants to relocate the main

content location for themselves or to share among a series of users (for a

network share).


It can also be changed after the fact, via a registry entry - but this

is better as a tech note since it requires access to local-machine registry

settings which not all users have rights to change."

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Ah, vista, yes I am using it, not 2010 though.  How many times it has given me issues with various things!  Thank you very much.