help with creating new output style- ENDNOTE X1


I am using ENDNOTE X1 because that’s what most people at my university use.  I need to edit an existing reference syle in X1 (TF-F Chicago Author date).  I saved changes with a new name as per the instructions on how to edit and create a new output style.  However, at my computer at the university, I do not have administrator rights so ENDNOTE will not let me save and use the new style.

I then thought I can overcome this problem by using my own computer at home which I have full admin rights.  However, I encountered the same problem. Somehow, the style folder keeps reverting back to ‘read only’ and when I modified it to make it both ‘read and modify’, it only lasts a few seconds.  I tried it on my laptop and experienced the same problem.

I am wondering if anyone has experienced this and if so, how to fix it.  At the moment, it seems like I am going to have to manually edit the bibliography.

Thank you.

I assume that you moved up from an older version of endnote where the style folder was kept in the Program folder/endnote/styles location. With Vista and later, those folders are write protected and can’t be used for updated styles.  Change your preferences (edit>preferences>folder location to create and use a styles folder anywhere else (most use My documents/Endnote/Style).  Endnote will still pulls styles in the program folder/endnote/styles folder, but all updated styles will be saved to this other preferences defined location, and Endnote combines them when viewing them thru the Styles Manager. 

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Thank you so much, Leanne.

On the university computer, it was upgraded from an older version and we are still on XP.  For my home computers, version X1 is the only version I have used but I am using Windows 7 and Vista.

I have just tried it on Windows 7 and it works.  It does let me save the edited style and make changes.  However, now I can only see the edited style and it won’t automatically bring up the styles from the Program Files folder.  Is it because I am using ENDNOTE X1?  Should I just keep changing preferences if I need to access styles in the program files folder for my other documents?

Thanks again for your help.

hmmm, it is so hard to remember the different versions and their idiosyncracies! 

X1 was before the two folder check so,  I would just copy the styles I want to use from the program folder to the local style folder using windows copy, paste or move functions. 

Here is where the FAQresides about this.  X1 was released before Vista.