How to link citations to each other by year only?


Endnote offers the possibility to underline linked-in text citations, but some journals ask to underline only the year, not all the citation!

For exampel: instead of underline the author name and year: (John, 2014); we should only underline and link the year: John (2014).

I looked for such an option in Endnote, but I didn’t find!

My question: can we do underline linked citations only by year? 


You’ll probably have to do this manually for each citation by: 1) editing the citation to exclude the author – which leaves the year linked; 2) then manually typing the author name so it appears in-text.

Thank you for your answer, Gecko.

It is the manual solution that I am looking forward to avoid!

The manual solution is feasible for a few references or so, but for hundreds of references, this will be time consuming. 

A better solution would be welcome (in the option of Endnote) !

I suspect - since the whole of John (2014) is the field, you won’t easily get the developers to devise a way to separate the two for the hyperlink function.  Of course you can underline the year in the Author (Year) template for the citations.  The link will still be the whole of the citation, but the underlined part will only be the year…  

Thanks, Leanne.

In some journals they do it for their references style. Please check one of the free articles examples available at the following link, under “Download these sample articles for free”:

You will see that only the year is linked (or “hyperlinked”).

I don’t doubt that, but they have an in-house program that does it.  They don’t do it thru Endnote.  It is amazing what the publisher tools can achieve that we worry about for no need when we are writing.  Believe me that is what their copy editors and what used to be typesetters jobs are these days… – just like changing all the fonts to their typeface and getting figures and legends and tables in their proper  size and place and, if necessary, font.  – it is all a part of the publishing process that we shouldn’t worry so much about!   

Thank you Leanne,

Yes, you may be right, indeed. But in Endnote, such an option should also be easy, given the underline-linking option, already available.