how to make citations appear differently according to the context?

Hi everyone,

I have a problem that has been bothering me for a while

I use a variation of the author-date style. When writing a text, suppose I have the following:

In the following we will use the framework of Smith (1990),who blah blah blah. Other authors have tackled the issue (e.g. John and Hanckock, 1992).

So, sometimes, I’d like the citation to have the year in parentheses; sometimes, when the whole citation is in parentheses, I’d like to have a comma separating name and year.

Anybody else had the same problem? Any hints on how to solve it? The best I can do is to cite twice every time, then exclude year or exclude citation, and put paretnehses by hand. But it is extremely cumbersome.

Also, question for the developers. Any hope to have a pdf file renaming option in the file manager, like in mendeley, in some future release?? not the right forum, I know…



EndnoteX5 has the ability to switch a citation from (Author, year) to Author (year).