How to link two references in different groups

I’m new to using Endnote after moving over from Mendeley a month ago for research. Is there a way to make changes conducted on one pdf appear on the same reference in another group? I know this is possible by first importing the reference then assigning that reference to the two groups but I wondered if it is possible the other way round (ie assign the pdfs to the references and have them link)?

For context:

  1. I have moved my Mendeley library over using a RIS file and recreated my folder organisation in Endnote without pdfs attached

  2. I am now attaching pdfs to all references in the organised groups either manually or using the find full text feature

  3. Where the same reference appears in two groups Endnote registers the references (and their associated pdfs) as two separate references (despite them being identical just held in two different groups).

Mendeley has a function where it automatically notices when a reference is in two groups and effectively links any changes made from one to the other. This applies no matter how the documents are imported. 

Any help is greatly appreciated. I am using Endnote X9 on Windows.

Endnote doesn’t duplicate a record in two groups, but no, there is still (despite numerous requests) no easy way to combine two records retaining unique info, including group association and removing the copy.  The best I have done, is to edit each group to have a unique keyword to associate it with the group then find duplicates, and update the copy with the PDF (including the addition of the missing group keyword) and remove the duplicate.  They use smart groups to find the keyword to create a group.  I then “freeze” the members of the smart group in a regular group, by dragging and dropping from the smart group to the “frozen” regular group.  you can do this by copying all and dragging to the frozen version, and it will only copy new ones to the group.  It won’t duplicate them.  

When I import new citations, I similarly globally edit the keywords so they automatically get incorporated into the smart groups and move them to the frozen group. 

automation of these steps in Endnote would be welcome!