How to make cited pages work for Science style

Preparing a manuscript for Science (using Word 2007, Endnote X2, and the canned Science style) and need to cite a report (Government Document reference type) many times, referring to different page rage each time. I try using the { Author Year #refno @ pages } citation tag, but the page numbers don’t appear in the bibliography at the end. I have edited the style templates so that if I put a page range in the Pages field of the database entry for the reference, it appears properly in the bibliography, but if I try to put a cited page range in the citation, it doesn’t appear.

Any suggestions?

The only way I could think about achieving this would be to use a custom field and have multiple records, one for each cited page range.  You also need to be careful about the duplicate options, turning that off in the style, as each would get a new number, but if based on Author, Year, title criteria (and ref type) which are the default, the different references wouldn’t be distinguished as different references. Bibliography fields don’t seem to include an option for cited pages.   I guess it would be too awkward to put them in the prose of the sentence? 

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