Number Page in Citation

Hi I’m using Endnote in University PC and I am studing how it works but I have a problem.

Often when I write a paper, I can cite two times the same paper. 

In the first time I must report the same words then I must cite a general thinking on the same paper.

In the first citation I must report exactly the number of the page in the citation while in the second citation I must not report the exactly number of the page. For example

(McCain, 1980, p.5) the (McCain, 1980)

However, in references I should report only one citation with the range of the page. pp.7-15

How Could I set this in the style file ?    

In the citation that you want to “cite” a precise page, you want to edit the formated citation – (right click in the “grey” field) and select more – and the easiest way is to type exactly what you want to appear after the Author, Year including punctuation and spaces in the suffix field. (, p.5)  – you could just use the cited pages field, but that requires that the output style you are using also has the cited pages field in the template.  You could try that first, but if noting appears, I would use the suffix field instead.

You wouldn’t have to do anything for the second citation.