How to make "et al" appear in in-text citations in APA 6th

Hi there. I have been doing all what has been suggested but stil doesnt work.

I noticed that even though I save as a new style, as soon as I close it down and re-open the changes are gone.

Any reason for that?


Are you "save as"ing it to the same name?  You can’t do that, especially if it is a “default” style installed with the program.  Those live in a protected folder with the program.  The ones you save go to a User folder. If there are two the same name in each of the places, Endnote usually uses the default version.  

Then you need to go into your document and find and select the edited version to assign on the endnote tab/ribbon.  

I’ve been following the advice given in this thread. Alternate saved / named  file, correct authors, etc but still can’t get a 3 author book to appear as et al in the citation? What am I missing? Thanks. 

and you are sure you have the modified style selected in the word document’s endnote ribbon/toolbar, and not the original?