APA 6 or more authors, et al question

Been using EndNote since 6.0 and wouldn’t write a paper w/o it. So here’s my
question: Multiple-author citations were showing up in-text with “et al.” italicized.
The EndNote book describes how to fix this by editing the style (under Citations
then Author Lists, uncheck the “italics” box). Then open the document itself,
Reformat Bibiography, and voila! The in-text author citations are now correct –
except for those with 6 or more authors (still has “et al.” italicized).

Perhaps I should try reformatting it again? Any suggestions?
Many thanks,

There are three places where the word et al appears, twice in citation, author lists, and once in bibiliograph, author lists.  Did you untick them all?

Thanks for your reply – yes, I just checked the Biblio section too, and
all three are unchecked.

I did try just editing in the text, as suggested in another post somewhere
on this forum, and that seems to have worked, even upon save-close-
reopen. That seems like the “bigger hammer” approach to me, though.

Any other suggestions are most welcome!