How to make "von" in author name NOT abbreviate in bibliographies

Does anyone know how to prevent particles like “von” and “de” in author names from abbreviating when the style requires abbreviations? As in “A. von Horst” and the like? Thanks in advance, JIP

Enter them in the record as von Horst, A. and not as A. von Horst. 

The only way I know to do this is to put double commas after the surname, e.g.

Horst, A. von

The output appears exactly as entered after the double commas, so if you want initials in the output, enter the names with initials rather than forenames.

Cheers, John

PS. If you enter as von Horst, A. then this will file the name under “von”, which is probably not correct for European authors at least, who should file under “Horst”.

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Unfortunately that way his name shows up “von Horst, A.” But his name has to come out “Horst, A. von” (alphabetizing under H.)

 [written before I read John’s reply]

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Brilliant, John. Thanks, as always.


Ahh, but you can have it listed as von Horst, A. and have Endnote alphabetize it as H, by adding “von” to the

Author Fields list. This list is designed so that you may enter parts of author names that may be omitted for sorting purposes.

For example, prepositions in names such as “von,” “van,” and “de” are included as part of the last name, but not considered part of the name for sorting purposes. The entries in the Author Fields list are case sensitive; that is, if you enter “von” it applies only to “von” and not “Von.” To access these settings, go to the Edit menu, choose Preferences, and click on Sorting in the list of preferences. To add words to be ignored for sorting:

  • Enter the term in the text box below either the “Author Fields” and click Add.

For contractions, do not enter the apostrophe in the stop list. So, for the author name “D’Angelo,” you could enter “D” to the stop list, without the apostrophe, to sort the name as “Angelo.”

These settings apply to the Generic fields for Author, Secondary Author, Tertiary Author, and Subsidiary Author. No names are entered by default.

too many ways to skin this cat. thanks again

Actually, not working: what’s happening is that using this method, sorting does IGNORE the von and SORTS by the letters of the name that follows (by Horst); but it PRINTS the “von” in front of the name Horst. The result remains:

“von Horst, A.”

Not as I want, “Horst, A. von”

All right, here’s a slightly more complex question :

How do I make the author Silvio Marcus de Souza Correa appear like this :

Correa, S. M. de S.  [that’s how the author himself puts it]

I tried double commas and the like, but never succeeded in getting it the way I need.

Thanks for the help.

Try entering in the Author field as

Correa, S. M. de S.

It seems to work ok for me on X3 using APA style.



That works as long as you use initials.  If you were then going to use a style that requried full names, you would have to rejig the record itself and type it out, in the usual manner.  These are the kinds of  little variations that are sent to complicate our lives!