Question concerning order of author names - skip "nobility title"

Hey folks,
while working at a thesis for my PhD in german languague I faced a probably “german” problem. In the bibliography it is expected that the “nobility title” (probably not the right term for it) is kind of skipped or overread.

E.g.: I got three works by Menk, Gustav; von Ploetz, Dietrich; Schmidt, Gustav. The " von" is the so called german “Adelstitel” - a reminiscence to the former social system, which is still pretty common in germany. it is set infront of the family name

The final sort (A-Z) is obligatory supposed to look like this:

Menk, G.
v. Ploetz, S.
Schmidt, G.

Is there a clean way to archieve this with endnote? A workaround, like entering the “von”  as an annex to the prename (Ploetz, S. v.) will not be well-received in my academic department (law).

Many thanks in advance
Cheers from Germany

In the Endnote preferences, there is a “sorting” section and you can enter von and v. into the author section, and it should sort based on the true surname.  

Thank you so much, this helps me a lot!!! I kept looking for such an option in my output style.