Combining separate documents with footnotes

I have 6 separate documents (chapters) each with footnotes and a bibliography (Chicago 15A). I have successfully combined them - the result is a document with 200+ footnotes numbered sequentially and a bibliography at the end. Is there any way I can have the footnotes begin at 1 for each chapter and still just have one bibliography at the end of the document?

Only by unlinking the fields before combining them.  To do this, ON A formatted COPY,  either use the Endnote unlink fields button, which - particularly if you have used an Endnote template  - can also affect the formatting, or, my preferred way, select all (ctrl A) and ctrl+shift+F9. 

I think this is possible. First, make a copy of your document. You have to insert a section break at the beginning of each chapter.

Then you have to display the Note Options. In Word 2007, you do a right-click on one of the footnotes and select “Note options.” I can’t remember how to do it in earlier versions of Word.

When the options box is open, go to the “Numbering” section and select “Restart each section.” And in the “Apply changes to” section select “Whole document.”

This should renumber your footnotes, starting from 1 in each chapter. It shouldn’t affect EndNote – it’s a Word function. Your references should remain the same.

Thanks John,

Works brilliantly!