how to recover the superlink

Hi, I am a new Endnote Web user. In Endnote, there is a function allowing me to press ctrl button and click on the citation in the text, then it jumps to the citation list at the end of the word document. But I never find this workable in Endnote Web. Is there any setup I missed? Or is it not supported in Endnote Web?



I know you can remove formats to remove all the hyperlinks, but I am not sure how it could be recovered. Actually, I think there is hyperlink there, since I can togglel field codes. I just cannot jump between the in text citations and the reference lists at the end of the document as usual. 

I assume you are refering to  the  Link in-text citations to references in the bibliography.   This is distinct from the “fields” inserted into the word document, and I believe is only an optionin the desktop version (where they can be turned on and off in the format bibliography menu) and not in the “online” version of Endnote.  They are embedded in the fields though, so if you removed endnote codes, you also removed these url links.  

Thanks. This clearly answers my question. It would be great to incorporate this function into the online version, though.