How to get the highlighted reference field codes back after updating Endnote?

Normally, Endnote reference field codes are higlighted in grey when I click on them.  This is a useful feature to tells me I’m dealing with an active citation, not just a piece of text.

However, after updating Endnote to fix a problem (the edit citation button stopped working), I’ve lost the highlighting.

I can tell the citations are still there because when I hover over them, Word pops up some additonal text with the reference name and number and tells me I can use control-click to follow the link.  However, this is a real pain - the hovering is slow and unclear, compared with the quick, clear, simple, grey highlighting.

I remember this also happened after the previous update, but I’ve forgotton how I got it to work again.

I used Word’s tools-options-view-field shading and changed it from when highlighted to always, but that doesn’t solve the problem.

Can anyone remind me how to fix this really annoying problem?


One extra bit of info - some citations are still highlighted.  They contain a whole string of field codes.  However, inserting newer ones starts by showing a long string of field codes that is immediately replaced by a hyperlink which just looks like normal text when I turn off the show field codes.

Will going back to the previous version solve the problem?  Or is there an easy way to make the later versions of endnote functional?

Can you provide screen shots and what version did you upgrade from and too? 

Found it! Just untick the link in-text citations to references in the bibliography, or if you want to keep them as links, tick the underline box until it’s time to produce the final draft.  Hope this helps other people who are having similar problems!