How to remove file attachments?

I have a library that has a number of records to which I have attached files (as relative links). But the actual PDFs no longer exist. I right-click the attachment icons in Endnote. But I don’t see how to delete them. Could somebody let me know how to delete the missing attachment links?

Have you tried hitting the delete key, while it is selected, or selecting “Clear” from the right click menu options?

Go to the reference, scroll down the right window that lists author name, year, title, etc, etc.  Near the bottom there is a field called ‘File Attachements,’ click on whatever attachment you want to delete then press the delete key on your keyboard.  Be careful as this cannot be undone from my understanding.  



yes, it works on a PC, but it is my understanding that the Mac version has a glitch and it isn’t working - the PDF remains in the Endnote folder, even though it is no longer “attached”.