How to remove PDFs from references, IN BULK

Hello all,

Does anyone know if this can be done?

I am pressed for space. I am currently importing all my pdf’s, as copies, into Endnote (i.e. they are copied and form part of my Data library folder). Which obviously means that I have the [size of my research folder] x2. I’m going this route since I want the freedom to be able to manipulate the contents of the research folder, without fear of interefering with Endnote.

I am importing the PDF’s, so as to allow me to open the file IN Endnote, and simulataneously enter the citation information.

I have come to Endnote at the very end of things, which means I need to create several hundred citation entries, from PDFs. By having the PDF open in the side window, it’s relatively simple to enter the citation information, as I am able to scroll through the PDF to get all the relevant information.


Since I plan on only using Endnote to enter citations into my Word document, and not necessarily for database/research/accessing uses - I do not need to have the PDF attached to the reference. I am ONLY doing this initially, to allow me to enter the citation information. 

I would therefore prefer, when all the above has been completed, to remove all the PDFs from the various linked citations - to thereby clear up the Database folder, to free up the duplicated space (since the originals would still be where they always were).

Is it possible to do this in one quick-step - or would it involve manually selecting and removing each PDF from each citation reference?

I would appreciate clarity in this regard, since this will determine how I proceed.

MBP mid-2012 OS X ML;

Endnote X6

Many thanks!

you can compress you library via the file menu without the attachments.  Then you can archive the original, in case you change your mind.  Open the compressed library in a new location. 

Thanks Leanne. That would appear to be relatively simple. I will try it out when all said and done.