import pdf reference data without filing new copy of pdf

I have many pdf references in a file structure that works for me. 

I would like to import the _reference information_ of those files into EndNote automatically using the DOI data. That works beautifully and is very efficient. 

I do not want EndNote to make a copy of those pdfs and store them in the EN folder structure – I don’t want or need to duplicate the files and use up the disk space. 

If I find the reference in EndNote, I will easily find the pdf file. 

My question is … how do I do set EN so that it imports the reference information from the pdf but does NOT make a copy of pdf in the EN library “PDF” folder?

Thanks for the help. 


Don’t think you can.  I suggest that you restate the request in the Suggestions part of these forums, so the developers will see the request.  

Here is the direct link: 

Unfortunately, you’ll need to import the PDFs into Endnote in order to extract the metadata and generate individual Endnote records.

However, a workaround is after importing the PDFs into a new Endnote library locate the PDF folder within Endnote’s .Data folder. Rename the PDF folder which will break the links. Then copy the Endnote now-PDF-less references into a new Endnote library. Delete the renamed PDF folder.