How to reorder my bibliography based on special language?


I have come up against a problem that I cannot solve on the bibliography sort order in EndNote X5. I want to order my bibliography based on “J Strength Condition Res” style; but I need to sort Persian language references before English references. I went to “Sort Order” under "Bibliography,” but unfortunately I couldn’t find “Persian” in “sort language” box. What should I do?

What’s the language setting for your computer, English?  If so, change the setting to Persian.  You don’t mention your OS but if it’s Windows go to the Control Panel and locate the language setting.

Hello My OS is windows and I have sat my language setting before. However, I need to change the order of arranging my references at the end of my paper upon the “J Strength Condition Res” style. In this style, English sources com first and after that Persian sources com. Nevertheless, the journal that I want to send my article said that I have to reverse the sort order of my references position. I searched and used the following procedure but unfortunately, I could not find “Persian” in its “sort language” box.

EndNote: Changing bibliography sort order ________________________________________ You can edit the output style to change the bibliography sort order within EndNote. To do so: 1. Go to “Edit > Output Styles > Open Style Manager”. 2. Highlight the output style you would like to change, and click the “Edit” button. 3. Go to “Sort Order” under “Bibliography”. 4. Here, select the sort order you would like to use, or click “Other” to choose additional sorting options. 5. Once you have made your changes, close the style window, say Yes to save the changes, and reformat your bibliography in Word to see the changes.

Due to the need of having the English and Persian references grouped separately with the English references appearing first, suggest the following which incorporates using the Language field in the sort criteria:

[Note: Change your computer’s language setting to English before proceeding.]

  1. (See Image 1) Open each Persian-based reference and in the Language field enter the word: Persian

  2. In the output style locate the Sort Order option in the bibliography section (see image 2). Click to select “Other” for changing the sort order. In the pop-up dialog box select “Language” as the first sort field followed by whatever fields used for your style. (The image illustrates the example sort order as: Language + Author + Title.) Click OK to close the sort order dialog box.

  3. Exit the output style. Note that changes to the output style are saved as a new file with the word “Copy” so change both MS Word and EndNote to use the new output style.

The resuliing bibliography generated in MS Word displays the English references above the Persian references. Note that you will need to manually make any formatting changes (e.g., adding a blank space between the two groups, adding a separate title for each group).

Thanks ever so much for your help, I really appreciate it.


I have the same problem. I need my Persian references above the English ones. what should I do?

this answer didn’t help as it sorts English references above Persian ones.