How to restore Endnote Tab in Word for Mac 2016

I downloaded the latest Word update and since have not been able to restore the Endnote tab. I’ve tried following all the advice on the Endnote FAQs help page listed under CWYW 1.

However, the first section yields no results. I have tried to complete the second section but when I go to access the ‘Office365’ folder in Microsoft’s Application Support, I’m told I don’t have permission to access that file. This must be some external limit as I am working on my own laptop. Word and Endnote are up to date and I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling word (no luck). 

Can anyone please advise as to how I could restore the Tab into Word? Many thanks

Greetings Jeremy,

In Microsoft Word, click “Word>About Word” to confirm the exact version of Word 2016 that you’re running - please let me know what you find as this information will dictate our next troubleshooting steps.