Endnote CWYW add-in all greyed out in windows word 2016


I’ve been having this problem over a week. I called in for technical support, but it did not help. The problem appears to have started after a windows update. The word CWYW tab is all greyed out, and I cannot use endnote on word documents. This is also not letting me save any changes I made to the document unless I remove or disable the CWYW tab. Has anyone expereinced the same problem? How can I fix this?

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It happened on all my computers after October Update

Cleaning up the registry editor for selected keys seems to have solved the problem. You may get some help from the endnote support on how to do this. 

I’m having this problem on a Mac (v11.2.2) since I upgraded from Endnote online to Endnote 20.  The new version is working fine on my desktop Windows 10 PC, but on the Mac, the entire Endnote menu is greyed out - I can’t even to at Preferences.  Endnote support are on the case, it has been escalated after unsuccessfuly trying all sorts of options, including changing the Mac’s language to US English (not my orthography) and downgrading the version of Word.  Has anyone overcome this problem?