how to search but not automatically import references into library

I have been using Endnote for years. After some break in use, i just realized that in this new version (X2 for mac) when i search an online database, say pubmed, the references that are found automatically get added to whatever library is open at the time. In the past versions, a search window would open listing the found references and you then had to manually select and choose whether to import them into an existing or a new library.

Much to my horror i just realized that the results of my two recent large searches have added themselves into my main precious library! Of course i deleted them but this means that a whole lot of record numbers are no longer available (since endnote does not allow same record number twice, even if you delete a reference).

Is there a setting i should change for this behaviour to go back to the old way? Sorry if this is a really easy thing to do, but i havent actually spotted it!

If it is not possible than it is really annoying, does it mean you always have to make a new temp library first and search from within that, then move references over if you want to keep them somewhere?

Many thanks for any clarification.

We had a huge user backlash, when endnote automatically did that.

In response, your X2 has three icons on the left upper corner (globe with books, books, and globe).

Refere to the instruction manual what’s the meaning of these icons. Then you should be able to suppress the automatic things. If you need more detailed instructions, please come back and ask.

see this FAQ at U of Queensland.  I can’t remember for Mac, but for Windows you need to get the X2.0.1 patch to access the alternative modes.  

Thanks to you both, i got the patches and I think it is ok now. Glad i missed out on the period before these buttons though.

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