Inserting all search results into my library

I am using a Endnote X3 on my mac. Wheneven I run a search term, it inserts all the results into my library without asking me which ones I want. How can I resolve this issue? Thanks.

This “feature” was implemented a couple versions ago.  You want to immediately switch to the other modes from this default - Do your searches in the third “online” mode (globe) and use your library in the local library mode (books) rather than the default “integrated” (books on a globe).  Those three buttons in the upper right are explained well HERE and HERE.  (-and numerous other places if you knew what to search for!)

By the way, if you are building a library and do want lots of reference imported automatically - AND to automatically skip importing any records already in the library,  you will want to first change the preferences to “automatically discard duplicates” in the duplicates settings in Endnote. That is the only way that mode  function makes sense.