Don't like automatic addition of searches to library in X2

I have decided to stay with Endnote X1 because I don’t like the feature in which all retrieved messages after a search are automatically added to my library.  I find that searches usually return more than I want to add to my library.  I would prefer to choose which get added, as in X1.  In X2, I found that I had to mark all the returns that I didn’t want and delete them from the library.  This causes huge gaps in the library numbering.  AAK.  I went back to X1 and will stay there until the option to choose what to add to a library from a search is added back.

Then patch X2.  The patch version gives another option that does not import the searches directly into the library.

The find full text utility is definately a good reason to upgrade!

I have patched X2. How do I disable the automatic adding of all searches to my library? I can’t seem to find that option in the preferences, and there’s no documentation of how to do this on the web site. I am using X2 for Mac.

See this FAQand scroll down to the section on Modes. The FAQ refers to the Windows version, but I’m presuming that it is the same on the Mac.