How to search "Groups" ?


EndNote offers both “Groups” and “Labels” as tools to organize your references.

The EndNote Groups is an easy drag and drop feature, which i find attractive and easy to use. However, with the number of groups steadily growing, i find it harder and harder to remember which groups i have put in which group-set. I really need a  “search group” feature, but so far i have not been able to find it. 

Does a “Search group” feature it exist?

If no - is it possible to convert  the name or hierarchy of a group-set and group name into a searchable keyword or label in a reference record?

Thanks for your help. 

Gro B

You can search within a group by clicking the group name so the references are displayed in the library window. Then from the Tools menu select Search Library to display the Search panel. Check that the search set list is set to “Search Whole Group” then enter the search term and click Search.

If you want to search more than one group simultaneously then you should consider entering a search term in either the Keywords, custom, or other field. You can do this by using Endnote’s Change/Move/Copy Fields feature to insert the search term. (Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Tools > Change/Move/Copy Fields. In the dialog box make your selection then enter the term. Refer to attached image.)
change field dialog box.gif

Thank you for your reply, however i realize i didnt explain myself well enough.  

I need to search the “group hiearchy” itself, not the references. 

To explain: I have 28 group sets, and between 5-10 groups inside of each group set. This means that i have somewhere between 150-300 groups.

One group is called “Cost benefit analyses”, but i cant remember which group-set it is part of. I would like to search the group-hiearchy to find all occurrences of groups named “cost benefit analyses”. 

Thanks again - i would really appreciate a solution to this challenge. 


Gro Berntsen

Nope - that is also not currently a facility in Endnote.   I would suggest renaming groupsets to include the groupname I guess.  BUT remember, that it is not good to use the same set name in multiple groups anyway, if you are going to use the sync ability.