how to see if a reference has a pdf attachment


I just finished attaching pdfs to my library. But is there an easier way of checking wheter a reference has a pdf attached to it? I’m using X5 Build 5478 student version and you can check preview the pdf when you click on the reference, but you can’t know if you have an attachment just by looking at the reference list. When I was using an older version, I remeber I used see the paper clip icon when a pdf was attached. Is there an option that I need to turn on? The screenshot is attached.

Yes, you can adjust the Edit>Preferences, “display fields” to show the “file attachments” containing field rather than the “Figure” field that you currently show.  Historical, many of us attached the PDF in that field, but the file attachments option is much better, allowing multiple attachments.  Also, there is a tool References>Figure>convert figures to file attachments, that will move any of the old style PDF attachments to the new field.  If you do have real Figures, using that aspect of the program, you could sort on the figure file type (temporarily show ref type in the “displayed fields”) , hide those, and then run the tool on the rest of the records. 

You should also update your Endnote to X5.0.1, build 5774.  This is easiest thru the Help >“Endnote Program Updates”.