PDF/Attachment Icons in Library View

In version X, which me and my colleagues still use, you could have a PDF column, where a PDF icon was visible if a PDF of the article (or other PDF) was attached. This was very useful for many of us who store our articles in Endnote with the references. There was a separate paper clip/attachment icon for additional attachments to the record.

In version X1, this disappeared, and so many have decided to stick with version X. The paper clip icon replaced the PDF, but that tells you nothing about the type of attachments made to the record.

I and my colleagues would plead to bring that PDF icon/column back. If you wanted to improve upon it, one might consider having an icon of the document type. If that’s not possible, then a great compromise would be to limit it to an icon of either a PDF document, Word/Excel/Powerpoint, or Graphic (GIF/TIFF/JPEG) document. That would tell us a ton about what documents are attached in our libraries at a single glance.

Is this possible? (If not, can we bring back the PDF icon??)