How to share a word document without the EndNote library?


I have a word document with EndNote x4 library that i want to share and send to other users without the library file, but every time that another user is trying to open the file on another computer there are dozens of warning boxes that say 

“endnote is waiting for user information. Please switch to the endnote program”

Or that there is a constant opening box for the library file, every time that i am closing one, another  one pops up.

Can i shut it down, so that i could sand the word files to others, without  that the other users get the annoying missing, or open library message ?

Presumably they have Endnote, and just need to set up their Endnote so it has an open library.  Alternatively, (and perhaps safer) share the unformated dcoument (with curly brackets) with them.  that prevents any inadvertant “corruption” that might require your reentering all the endnote fields, (or doing a “compare” to recover them). 

Are tehy planning to add to it (in particular add Endnote refs from their library? 

What do you mean to share the unformated dcoument (with curly brackets) { } with them ?

They are not planning to add something to the library, just to read the document.

If they are not planning on editing it and returning it to you for futher modification, then you can convert the document citations to “plain text” removing the endnote links (first making a copy!)   - Depending on your version of  Endnote  and Word, this is done from the Endnote Ribbon in Word 2007/2010  (you will see Convert citations and bibliiography drop down.  here you can choose either “convert to unformatted” or the “convert to plain text”  If you convert to unformatted it removes the endnote fields back to an unformattted state (surrounded by curly brackets and looking like this {Author, Year #RecNO}  which can later be reformated with your library back to the Endnote field containing version. 

If you convert to Plain text, then they will no longer be updatable with Endnote, but will be a clean document that will cause you colleagues no further issues. 

In earlier versions of word,  there are similar independent buttons on the tool bar the achieve these outcomes. 


In word 2003 with Endnote x4 I’ve choose in the Endnote ribbon “remove field codes”, to make the citation a plain text.

There is also an option to “unformat citation”, to add carly braces instead of endnote links.

Note that if all you want to do is have EndNote stop prompting you to format the document all the time, you can turn off instant formatting- this will stop the document from requesting updates from EndNote unless you use an EndNote Command in the document.

To disable instant formatting:

  1. Word 2002/2003/2004/2008/2011: From the Tools menu in Word, go to the EndNote submenu and select Format Bibliography or Bibliography Settings.

Word 2007/2010 : On the EndNote tab, in the Bibliography group, click the bottom corner arrow.

  1. Click the Instant Formatting tab.

  2. Click Turn On or Turn Off to toggle Instant Formatting. Click OK to save changes to the Instant Formatting settings.

  3. Click OK to format all citations and build the bibliography.