How to stop Endnote formatting?


New to this forum and Endnote!  I am writing a paper with a co-author and need to stop the automatic Endnote or “disengage” from Endnote altogether.  Is there a way to save the in-text citations and bibliography as regular text and continue working on the paper without using Endnote?  



The way to achieve this depends.  Will you eventually want to use Endnote to format the final version?  Or do you want to go thru the pain and misery of trying to get all the new references properly cited and formated to the specifications of the journal (or another journal, if you chose to change that). 

Hoping your answer is the former, I recommend unformating the document and working with it in the curley bracketed form.  If you colleague wants to know what the references refer to, I have created a style (last used in X2 for windows – attached) that lists the references in alpha order, but is preceded by the record number.  Thus the curley bracketed references are easily related to the reference list.  Unformating the references doesn’t usually delete the bibliography.  Before sending to the Endnote-challanged colleague, I format the paper with the attached “record number” format.  This format produces an intext citation which mimics Endnote’s citation, but to be sure Endnote doesn’t get confused, I switch from curley to square brackets. I then always SAVE IT TO A NEW FILE and select the document and unlink the fields (ctrl-shift f9).  (if you have other fields, it may be better to unformat the document and just unlink the fields in the the bibliography). Reformating this document requires changing your preferences to use square rather than curley brackets.  I request that the colleague put in their references in any format they like, in parentheses.  I then use the appropriate reference from my library to insert or retrieve the reference to my library and insert into the paper, and reformat the paper, deleting the temporary library.  Repeat as necessary. 

Alternatively, if you plan to go thru the painful route, you can unlink the references

Record-number-(+Cell).ens (12.5 KB)


Thanks for your detailed reply!  I must admit, I am a bit of an Endnote challenged individual, so please bear with me! 

My boss and a colleague are writing this paper together, and the colleague’s work is complete.  His references are all in Endnote, so the document and bibliography are linked to Endnote.  My boss would like me to completely detach the document from Endnote while keeping what is in the document intact, so that she can add some final references and make changes as she feels necessary - she doesn’t use Endnote and wants to make sure everything is in straight Word at the end of the process.

So if you have a Word document in front of you, is there a relatively easy command to “unlink” the bibliography and references, so that she can edit both from here on out?   One other important bit of information - she does not have her colleague’s Endnote library, so she can’t export the list directly!  The article and associated bibliography are the only sources for the reference information…

Hope that all makes sense…

Thanks again for any help you might be able to provide…

Answering your questions in reverse order:

You have Endnote?  Then you can recover the references embedded in the paper, - from the help file. 

To export references from a Word document to an EndNote library:

  1. Open the document in Word.

  2. Word 2003 : From the Tools menu, go to the EndNote X2 submenu and choose Export Traveling Library.

Word 2007 : On the EndNote tab, in the Tools group, select Export to EndNote and then Export Traveling Library.

  1. On the Export Traveling Library dialog, select either:

  2. An existing EndNote library:
    Select a library from the drop-down list of available libraries, or click Browse to locate a library.

  3. A new EndNote library:
    You will be prompted to name and Save the new library.


Note : We recommend that you export to a new EndNote library, so you can review the records before adding them to an existing library.


There is an alternate way to copy references from your Word document to an EndNote library. Open both your Word document and the EndNote library. Then, in EndNote, go to the Tools menu, then the Cite While You Write submenu, and choose Import Traveling Library.


Note: When you use the Export/Import Traveling Library commands, the exported references are renumbered and do not retain their original reference numbers.

To unlink everything without losing any of the text.  Using Words unlink fields.  Endnote has a button on the toolbar, but I don’t ever bother with it. 


Select all (ctrlA) then unlink the fields-- (ctrl-shift f9).  You should have a clean document for your boss to work on.