Saving Word document with EndNote references for use on a non EndNote system

How do you save a Word document that used EndNote references so that a person on a non EndNote system can view the document with references and Bibliography?  I wrote a lengthy dissertation, and now want to send the Word document to an editor to proof and print. The editor uses a totally different tool for formating. The tool can import Word, but I doubt it knows anything about EndNote. Am I hosed?

I forgot to mention I am running Word 2007, Windows 7, EndNote X.

Save a copy of the document.  Then in Word, use the EndNote tab and click on “Convert Citations and Bibliography” and select “Convert to Plain text”  This will remove the EndNote encoding but leave the citations and bibliography as you see them.

If you need to make changes, you will want to go back to the original file that has the EndNote encoding still active and manually make changes to that copy so that you can reformat the references if needed.

wwdove is correct, unless the other person makes lots of changes that they return to you and that you need to incorporate including additional references. 

In that case, if I a were using CWYW,  I share a version of the paper that is unformatted returning the endnote references to the {Author, YEAR #recno} format.  I have a style that produces a reference list with the record numbers as a prefix, and then I unlink that reference list leaving it in the manuscript with the curly bracketed refs.  After getting back an edited version, I insert what new refs are required and then format paper/bibliography, and then unlink and return the final version to the editor (assuming they will not make additional substantive changes affecting the references!). 

Always always always retain a copy of the manuscript with the endnote embedded fields or curly bracketed refs.  It is a real pain to try to fix refs in an unlinked version. 

Final unlinking can be done using the “remove field codes” Endnote button, but I find that often affects formatting of the character/paragraphs as well, and I prefer to use the Word unlink short cut (select all with Ctrl+A and then unlink all fields with Ctrl+Shift+F9  ON A COPY OF THE MANUSCRIPT). 

Unformating the fields back to the curly bracketed form can be done with the unformat button  or tool in Word.  This also turns off the CWYW automatic formating for that manuscript.  If you want it back on, you will need to enable it from the third tab of the format paper/bibliography menu. 


However, I do not have an  “Convert Citations and Bibliography” under the EndNote Addin. Is this option available at the EndNote X  level or am I just missing it?  As indicated in the other post the “remove field codes” option would work, but will force me to reformat the entire paper as it messes with the Normal Style. If I could use the convert option, that would meet my needs much better. 

At this point I don’t think I have much need to go back and re edit. Once I send a copy to the editor, I will not need to resync (if I do , I will just make the type the changes into my original).

I think the “convert Citations and Bibliogrpahy” is a Word2007/endnote specific tool, essentially the same as the endnote remove field codes in ENX/Word2003, but perhaps is more robust and actually does what you want it to do, which is to remove endnote codes but leave other field codes intact. Since I don’t use Word 2007, I can’t test that. 

The Word command doesn’t mess with page number codes or other fields in headers or footers, so I rarely have a problem with it, hence my preference for using the Word shortcut which doesn’t mess up the other Normal Style settings. 

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With one slight modification your suggestion works great. (select all with Ctrl+A and then unlink all fields with Ctrl+Shift+F9). I did this in two steps to avoid unlinking items that I did not want unlinked (i.e. the Word Table of Contents). I first selected and unlinked the EndNote Bibliography. Then I put the cursor on a footnote so that when I did a Ctrl+A it only selected the footnote area of the paper. Thus when I did the Ctrl+Shift+F9 it only unlinked all the footnotes. All the other linked fields in the paper (the ones unassociated with EndNote) were unaffected. The only way it would be easier is if the command mentioned above by wwdove was available (I assume that it only exists for later versions of EndNote).

Thanks for all the help. It saved me major headaches. I may yet get my dissertation done by the deadline at this rate.