How to solve consecutive citations problem in Angewandte Chemie style

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the Angewandte Chemie style. This journal wants the references grouped in the same number when they are citted at the same point, for example:

[4] → a) … b)… c)… d)…

The problem is when I cite a single reference followed with some of the multiple references. As an example, if my references are like the following:

[1] -> Bob et al

[2] → a) Susan et al…, b) Peter et al…, c) Alice et al…, d) Gonzalez et al

and I want to cite [1], [2a] and [2b], EndNote groupes them as [1-2], instead of [1, 2a, 2b]. I do not have this problem if I cite any other reference different than [2a], for example, [1, 2c, 2d].

I have tried to solve this problem with EndNote 7 and 8, but I have no idea to solve it.

Does anyone know the answer to this problem?
Thank you for your time!

Haven’t tested, but sounds like a bug and you should contact tech support at