Prevent endnote to use - instead of , when citing two consecutive articles

Hi. I’m using mac and MS Word 2011 with Endnote X6.

I am trying put my paper on Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation format, using

as guide and

as endnote style.

The first problem I faced was that my references were grouped, but I unchecked the “Use one number for references always cited together”, editing the JCTS style (Citations->Numbering).

Now I have another issue. 

(The superscribe is ok.)

Guide example:

Pauling and co-workers 10,11 

My output:
Pauling and co-workers 10-11

However, if the citations are not consecutive, I get the right output, something like:

Pauling and co-workers 30,41

How should I proceed?
thanks in advance

I assume that citations 10 and 11 were used previously on their own. I haven’t tested it on my system, but if what you see is there, I suspect it is a glitch in endnote that you won’t be able to get around.  I really doubt your journal is going to reject your paper based on the presence of a hyphen. If it really matters to you, I recommend that just prior to submission, you remove the endnote field codes on a copy of the paper, (convert to plain text) and replace the hyphen with the comma.  

I now see this was duplicate question also answered here: